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"It's a true joy ride knowing you're saving the earth while riding the Rocket E1."

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Up To 60 MPH

The Rocket E1 Motorcycle has a top speed of 60 MPH. Easily roll through cities going 20-35 MPH, or cruise down highways going 50+ MPH.

60 Miles of Range

A smaller motorcycle for smaller commutes. The Rocket E1 is perfect for quick commutes to work or easy errands to the store.

3-8 HR Charge

Plug the Rocket E1 into any AC electrical outlet. Charge the 72V 40Ah Lithium Battery in-between uses. Charge overnight or at work!

Multiple Colors

Colors showcase the rider's personality. Customize your Rocket E1 to be Black, White, Grey, Red, or Yellow.

Extra Features

If eco-friendly transportation wasn't enough, the Rocket E1 also offers internal GPS systems, and a built-in bluetooth speaker.

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Height: 39in | Length: 72in | Weight: 160lbs

See Every Angle

Use your mouse to spin the Rocket E1 Electric Motorcycle. 

* Digital rendering – final product may not be exactly as shown.

About EVA Cycles

EVA stands for Exemplary Vertical Applications. EVA Cycles is an international company based in Wilmington, North Carolina. 

The past meets the future with the Rocket E1, an electric motorcycle that looks like nothing else on the roads today. Featuring a sleek design reminiscent of classic 1960s Cafe Racer motorcycle, and modern, cutting-edge battery technology, these motorcycles are changing how people see transportation.

White Rocket E1 Electric Motorcycle in front of brick wall in downtown Wilmington, North Carolina
Yellow Rocket E1 Electric Motorcycle on boardwalk in downtown Wilmington, North Carolina

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Rocket E1 Electric Motorcycle


Originating in London in the early 1960s, the sporty Cafe Racer style motorcycles were optimized for speed, handling, and short distance rides. The Rocket E1 is no different. The sleek design is sure to turn heads wherever you go. By being completely powered by electricity you’re able to ride around in style and confidence.

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Weight: 160 lbs / 72kg   |   Max Speed: Up to 60 mph / 97 kph   |   Range Per Charge: 60 miles / 100 km

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